Current Exhibit

Inside the P-Town Spill

Artist: Name Withheld

News of the event in Poughkeepsie shook the world three years ago, but for the first time ever, photos of what the once great city looks like today are being put on public display. All 36 large scale photographs in this exhibition are the work of a single photographer, who has chosen to remain nameless for fear of government prosecution.

The artist ventures to serve purely as a documentarian and to depict the current state of Poughkeepsie without judgement for what it once was. The photos in this exhibit capture the actuality as it is now. The familiar scenes of a derelict urban center, compounded with the otherworldliness of the specific events and current inhabitants of the city, simultaneously alienate and encourage further study on the part of the viewer.

All photos in this exhibit are from the private collection of gallery owner Tan’ea Vandersloot.

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